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Patient Algorithm

Patients are a very important part of the Coached Care program for improving diabetes care. By participating in this program, patients learn about the specific components of treating diabetes. Even more importantly, they learn to work together with the doctor.

Weighing the pros and cons of specific treatment options is an important part of being an effective patient. Together, patients and their doctors can become partners in managing diabetes using the information from the Coached Care program to guide medical care. Patients develop the ability to state values and preferences that need to be considered in making good decisions so that the treatment plan fits their lifestyles, cultures, and the rest of their lives.

The coached care program is not intended to decrease the role of the doctor’s involvement in medical care. Rather, the program is designed to make patients more informed, and more active, so they can work together with their physicians to make good treatment decisions. The community coaches’ job is to help patients develop the skills needed to negotiate care, so that they can develop a treatment plan that works for patients and their families.

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