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Coach Recruitment Materials

Community-based coaches are at the heart of the Reducing Racial Disparities in Diabetes: The Coached Care Project (R2D2C2) Coached Cared Program. However, it is not easy to find the right person for the job. Community-based coaches must be individuals from the community who are familiar with the culture and language of the patient population. In the R2D2C2 program, coaches themselves must also have diabetes. Because coaches act as a “bridge” between patients and the healthcare community, they must be able to navigate both worlds. They must also be able to command respect from patients, even though they are peers and not formally-trained healthcare professionals. Good “coaches” are highly self-motivated, mature and responsible, and they have good interpersonal skills. Community-based coaches can be recruited from community-based organizations, local healthcare advocacy groups, disease-specific support groups and health education classes, and key informants in the community.

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Sample Coaches Recruitment Handouts

English Documents

  • Community Coaches Flyer
  • Community Coaches Recruitment Flyer


  • Community Coach Tear Off Flyer
  • Letter to the Churches


  • Community Coaches Recruitment Flyer