Healthcare College of Health Sciences School of Medicine UC Irvine

Coach Recruiting Sources

Below are potential sources for recruiting community-based coaches:

Community-Based Organizations

  • Senior Centers
  • Health Advocacy Organizations (i.e. local American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society)
  • Ethnic/language based advocacy organizations

Local Health Care Clinics or Hospitals

  • Physician recommendations
  • Health educator recommendations
  • Health promotion classes
  • Specialty clinics

Support Groups

  • Disease specific support groups(i.e.Cancer survivorship, Managing your diabetes)

Community Colleges or other Higher Education Institutions

  • Community outreach education courses
  • Alumni groups

Faith-Based Organizations

  • Churches, Temples, Mosques

Small Community/Local Businesses that Serve the Target Community

  • Local grocers or restaurants
  • Barber shops/nail salons

Newspapers and Community Newsletters

  • Local Newspapers
  • Radio stations
  • Church or organizational bulletins/newsletters