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Coach Training Materials

The community-based coaches in the Reducing Racial Disparities in Diabetes: The Coached Care Project (R2D2C2) program receive extensive training in communicating with patients. Coaches are trained to motivate patients to discuss their health and health-related topics. Yet coaches are trained NOT to answer medical questions or to do things for patients. One of the goals of R2D2C2 is to encourage patients to communicate better with their doctors and nurses. So if the coach is too “directive,” it defeats the purpose of increased patient participation in their own disease management and medical care. Thus, coaches are trained to ask questions and to encourage patients to be more active in their own health and healthcare. Listening and providing support are also key traits of a good coach.

More information, please view:

Handout 1: What is your job as a coach?

Handout 2A: What do you do when you meet a patient for coached care?

Handout 2B: Identify barriers and issues in a coached care visit.

Handout 3: What skills do you think you need to be an effective coach?