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Faculty members in the Division of Basic and Clinical Immunology at UC Irvine's School of Medicine are nationally and internationally known for their research as it relates to basic biology and diseases in which the immune system plays a major role. That includes but is not limited to primary immunodeficiency diseases, autoimmune diseases and autism.

Research programs include work that has been instrumental in defining the molecular bases of a number of primary immunodeficiency diseases, understanding immunosenescence and autoimmunity. Researchers also are heavily involved in research on human aging, the effects of environmental toxins on the immune system and in the development of vaccines.

Working with the university's Institute for Immunology, our researchers aspire to stimulate new ideas, identify needed areas of inquiry and support collaborations that will integrate basic science with medical applications.

Researchers and their areas of interest are:

Anshu Agrawal, PhD

  • Role of dendritic cells in immune response in aging
  • Toll-like receptors and dendritic cells in vaccine development
  • Epigenetic changes in DNA of aged and SLE

Sastry Gollapudi, PhD

  • Inflammasome in human aging 

Sudhir Gupta, MD, PhD

  • Molecular bases of primary immunodeficiency diseases
  • Molecular mechanisms of apoptosis in human aging and immunodeficiency
  • Role of B cells in innate immune response