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Please see the below guide to help you submit your reimbursement. If you have any questions regarding the policies or processes below, feel free to contact the Internal Medicine Residency Office at (714) 456-5691.  

1. Create your TEM Profile 2. Submit Forms/Approvals 3. Submit your receipts


You will only need to do this once. If you have already set up your account, move to Step 2.

Education & Conference Stipend: you will need to submit an 
Educational Reimbursement form prior to your purchase. The IM Office will process your form and submit for Program Director's approval.

Please note that prior approval is mandatory as we cannot guarantee all purchases are eligible for reimbursement.

Licensing Stipend: No form is needed for your ACLS, Step 3, PTL, or medical license.  Please continue to Step 3.

The more backup you can provide, the better. At the bare minimum you will need to submit your receipts (itemized AND proof of payment). If not applicable, you can submit any email confirmations/invoices that are relevant to your purchase.

Wellness event organizers, interview dinner hosts and Best Case winners will also need to submit an attendee list. 

Make sure to let us know if there are any discrepencies in your back up materials.

4. Review & Approve 5. Troubleshooting 6. Recieve your reimbursement  

We will create a reimbursement request for you via Kuali Financial System (KFS). Once created, KFS will email you with a link to your document.

KFS will ask you to approve, acknowledge or FYI (the exact action depends on the type of reimbursement). Review your document and click the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen. 

The IM Office will be in touch with you if any further documentation is required. 

KFS may ask for your approval again but may not notify you via email. You can check the status of your document by logging in to ZotPortal, clicking the Finances/KFS bar, and clicking "KFS Action List". 

Anything that appears in this list requires your attention. If it is empty, no action is required.

Once the request has been approved your reimbursement will be automatically deposited into your account via direct deposit. You will recieve an email confirmation confirming the transfer of funds.

Congratulations, you're finished!