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Index of Spotlights

Dr. Pranav Patel

A Message From the Chief

Welcome to the Division of Cardiology at UC Irvine's School of Medicine.

UC Irvine interventional cardiologist Dr. Pranav Patel

A helping hand for hearts

Interventional cardiologist Dr. Pranav Patel uses tiny heart pumps to help patients who are too weak or ill to undergo heart surgery.

UC Irvine cardiologist Dr. Shaista Malik

How to prevent a heart attack

To prevent a heart attack, you first must know your risk factors for heart disease, says UC Irvine cardiologist Dr. Shaista Malik.

Regular electroacupuncture can lower high blood pressure by activating natural opioids.

Acupuncture lowers hypertension by activating natural opioids

Regular acupuncture can lower hypertension by increasing the release of a kind of opioid in the brainstem region that controls blood pressure, researchers show.

Dr. Dawn M. Lombardo

Matters of the heart

UC Irvine cardiologist Dr. Dawn Lombardo works to combat the No. 1 killer of women: heart disease.

UC Irvine cardiologist Dr. Morton Kern describes the benefits of statins

New hope for heart health

Cholesterol-lowering statins offer new hope for cardiac health, says UC Irvine cardiologist Dr. Morton Kern.

Mummy in CT scanner

The mummy study returns

A 3,600-year-old Egyptian princess is first known human to have heart disease, a research team led by UC Irvine cardiologist finds.

 Dr. Nathan Wong

Spreading the word about heart disease

Nathan Wong, PhD, spreads the word about cardiovascular  disease through UC Irvine's Heart Disease Prevention Program.

Beating heart failure

Beating heart failure

With the right treatment and lifestyle choices, people can halt progression of heart disease, says Dr. Dawn Lombardo, director of UC Irvine's nationally recognized Heart Failure Program.

Mummy in CT scanner

The mummy's curse: hardened arteries

Ancient Egyptians suffered from hardening of the arteries too, says UC Irvine cardiologist Dr. Gregory Thomas