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MAY 25Dr. Marion J. Fedoruk successfully met the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) recertification requirements as a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).
MAY 18Dr. Ulrike Luderer was awarded the 2017 Jean Spencer Felton Award for Excellence in Scientific Writing by the Western Occupational and Environmental Medicine Association


OCT 18Dr. Ulrike Luderer serves as reviewer and provides video commentary in Western States PEHSU online continuing education: A Story of Health
JULY 01Dr. Ulrike Luderer named Director of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
JUN 20OEM Grand Rounds to change in Fall 2017
MAY 24Dr. Ulrike Luderer investigates the effects of space radiation on the ovary
MAY 24Toxicologist Michael Kleinman comments on chemical emissions linked to Aliso Canyon


SEP 15UC Irvine researchers Peter Schnall, PhD, and Marnie Dobson contribute to study llustrating how workplace stress in today's global economy contributes to cardiovascular disease
AUG 11Air pollution in Orange County expected to worsen, according to UC Irvine professors Michael Kleinman and Dean Baker
APR 22UC Irvine environmental health expert Dr. Dean Baker tells the OC Register that aerial anti-mosquito spraying may be a health risk, especially for children.


AUG 04Sitting for prolonged periods at work, even if you exercise regularly, is linked to chronic diseases, says UC Irvine researcher Bongkyoo Choi, ScD, MPH.
FEB 09The Environmental Health Sciences graduate program launches a new NIH-funded program for professional development of graduate students in the biomedical sciences.


APR 28Professor Dean Baker wins lifetime achievement award for research in occupational, environmental medicine
MAR 26Air pollution is a contributing factor in many deaths, UC Irvine toxicology professor Michael Kleinman tells the Los Angeles Times.
FEB 28We are now accepting abstracts for the Second Aerosol Dosimetry Conference, to be held in Irvine on Oct, 24-25.


APR 18Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program becomes Environmental Health Sciences Graduate Program


OCT 01New location for OEM Grand Rounds: 100 Theory
SEP 17The Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine moved on September 14, 2012.
SEP 11New location for OEM Grand Rounds: Irvine Hall
MAR 13Bus drivers and people who work long hours are more likely to suffer from hypertension and coronary artery disease, says UC Irvine occupational health professor Dr. Peter Schnall.


MAY 18Dr. Peter L. Schnall tells Fox News that specific work situations may cause psychological strain.


APR 01Dr. Dean B. Baker talks with the Los Angeles Times about a cluster of babies born with birth defects near a Kings County toxic waste dump.


OCT 22UC Irvine's pediatric environmental health group is named a regional champion of children's environmental health