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Dr. Ramy M. Hanna

Dr. Ramy M. Hanna has been awarded a Department of Medicine Chair’s Research Award

Dr. Ramy Hanna has been awarded a DOM Chair’s Research Award for his FY21-22 proposal titled, “Creating a national registry for patients with renal disease exacerbation after intravitreal vascular endothelial growth factor antagonist injections.”


This project will leverage social media to create a registry for Intravitreal VEGF inhibitor induced nephrological and systemic toxicity. Dr. Hanna is both happy to announce and eternally grateful for the support of UCI to continue the research work pioneered by him and colleagues at UCLA and UCI to continue the progress into quantifying incidents of hypertension, renal dysfunction, TMA, and nephrotic syndrome after Intravitreal VEGF injections. 


His group has published 15 cases of these occurrences with more than half of them showing biopsy proven renal injury - many of these cases came to attention through social media (Twitter). They plan to start a website and independent registry with a plan for major publications in elite medicine journals to bring to light this new and unexpected phenomenon.