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Research Elective Policy

The UCI Internal Medicine Residency Program wishes to promote it house officers’ intellectual pursuit and research endeavors. House officers are encouraged to participate in the design and completion of research projects. However, research conducted for credit must meet the criteria of the Program. This policy sets forth those criteria.

Approved research electives will provide elective credit towards residency graduation requirements. The house officer will receive a maximum of 4 blocks credit towards graduation. To arrange electives, house officers should contact faculty directly or refer to the manual of research opportunities. House officers must receive ROC approval prior to beginning the elective. Credit will not be given if prior approval is not obtained.

House officers will receive this policy and the research application packet at the time they receive scheduling materials for the second and third year of the Program. They must identify their intention to do research, identify a mentor and define a topic area for their research at the time they submit their schedule requests for the upcoming year. They must submit a full and detailed research application 6 weeks prior to beginning their research rotation.

House officers are responsible to identify a project, recruit a faculty advisor, and submit the appropriate documentation. A list of research mentors and projects is available under the Research Pathway Discussion. In addition, residents are encouraged and welcome to contact the Program Director, the Chair or the Vice Chair for Research for advice or direction.

Participation in the elective requires a minimum of 30 hours per week performing responsibilities of the elective during the elective period. Residents must also attend conferences and clinic during the research block in addition to the 30 hours minimum of research time.

Review of the literature without original research work or case reports/series are not acceptable for elective credit. In some cases, systematic reviews with critical analysis and an intention to publish the work may be considered appropriate.


Summary for Residents

  • You must specify your intent to do research when you request your schedule for next year. Include a brief statement on the general nature of your research and identify a research faculty mentor.

  • You must submit a formal and complete research elective application as defined above at least 6 weeks before the start of the elective.

  • You will prepare a final report as well as an abstract or poster presentation at the completion of your research.

  • You will attend your clinics, grand rounds and conferences during your research block.


Application Process

The formal application detailing the items listed below must be submitted to Brianne Tsunezumi at least 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the research block and must contain a paragraph addressing each of the following:

  1. Introduction and explanation of the background for the research
  2. Degree of participation by the house officer in the design of the study and a notation as to whether this is a new or ongoing project
  3. Background, experience, and degree of participation of the faculty sponsor
  4. Research hypothesis
  5. Specific methods
  6. Daily schedule of activity during the elective period
  7. Site at which the research will be performed: UCIMC, UCI Campus, LBVAHCS, or another specific site
  8. Specific statement regarding what the house officer expects to produce from the study

To receive credit for the rotation, at the conclusion of the elective period, the house officer must submit a 1 to 2 page document describing the house officer’s actual participation and productivity as well as the outcome of the work. This statement must be signed by the resident’s faculty research mentor and submitted to the ROC for final credit approval and for scheduling for a Research Session Grand Rounds day. This statement will be reviewed by the ROC and 6 projects per year will be presented at Grand Rounds conferences as 15-minute abstract presentations. Any resident whose work is not selected for presentation must prepare a poster for display at the Research Presentation Grand Rounds sessions.


Research Elective Application

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