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Application Process

In order to obtain authorization for a non-traditional elective or externship the  house officer must provide a document with the following components.


1. Faculty Mentor. Provide the name and contact information for a faculty mentor from the Discipline in which you wish to perform the elective. Identify a single faculty mentor who will be responsible for your rotationand evaluation in pathology, radiology or any other non-traditional elective rotations.

2. Rationale for the Rotation. Specify a rationale for the rotation that describes your motives for taking this elective and the manner in which it will advance your learning or your career.

3. Objectives. Specify specific objectives for the rotation.

4. Schedule. Define in detail a daily schedule that includes at minimum 30 hours per week of hands-on experience.

5. Product and Deliverable. Specify a project that will serve as the product for the rotation. This may include a substantive paper or a 45 minute conference presentation related to your area of study.

6. Core Curriculum for Radiology & Pathology. In addition to these requirements for all electives, for radiology or pathology electives you must complete an on-line or written curriculum in the specific discipline that will be assigned by the IM Program Director. If you have a specific curriculum that you already have in mind, please specify that curriculum here.

7. The application packet must include a signed statement from the faculty sponsor.


You must submit your application to Brianne Tsunezumi at least 60 days in advance of the scheduled elective for review and approval. If your request does not meet these criteria, you will not be allowed to take the elective.


Non-Core Elective Application

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