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Night Medicine For Residents

Night Float Orientation Manual »

This manual, was created by residents to help you navigate your way through night rotations


Night Manual (pdf)

Night Medicine Rotation »

All interns and senior residents who rotate on the MICU Night Rotation must complete the ICU Night Rotation educational goals and requirements.

Read the syllabus below and complete the checklist as instructed.  Submit a scanned or hard copy of your checklist at the end of your MICU Night Rotation to Susan Altmayer or  Brianne Tsunezumi.

Compliance will be reviewed during your semi-annual review.  Delinquincies must be completed prior to the end of intern year (preliminaries), or as a requirement for receiving a residency completion certificate (categoricals).


Syllabus and Checklist (pdf)

Clinical Protocols and Algorithms »

UCI Clinical Algorithms

UCI Clinical Protocols - a mix of Algorithms, Policies, Orders

UCI Clinical Pathways - Tells you what orders to place and when.

UCI Other Critical Care Protocols

Emergency Department Protocols (Some of these are duplicates of above)

Admission Policies »

This list is not yet comprehensive.  Please check back for updates

Team O Late admission Policy (Shared H&P responsibility)

Head Bleed admission Policy (Medicine vs. Neurosurgery vs. Neuro vs MICU)

Medicine Admission Procedure/Policy (How the ED admits patients to Medicine)


Have a look at some of these Published Articles that may help you at night, particularly in the ICU.